Detect stress, identify its source and remove it. Living in peace is now a choice.

Sensie is a stress identification and removal tool. Built on evidence based solutions for better emotional health and wellbeing


Stress is the basic cause of 60% all human illness and disease

Chronic stress has been proven to lead to depression AND depression is now ranked as the #1 leading cause of disability, affecting over 350 million people worldwide

Sensie detects a neuromuscular signal that represents the stress response from the body

By applying research from the fields of neuroscience and psychophysiology with machine learning techniques and the sensors on your smartphone, Sensie is able to measure the fluidity of your movement - sensing whether stress is present or not and guiding your through a specific mindfulness technique to help you achieve peace and calm.

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Our Story

We are a team of yogis, scientists, and engineers dedicated to empowering humanity to take well-being back into their own hands. That starts with a focus on emotional intelligence and providing a clear, objective signal for the body’s response to stress.

Technology of all kinds can help us along the way, but our vision is one in which we advance our ability to adapt, effectively cope with stress and govern our own internal states. The future for well-being is tool-based and supported by artificial intelligence, helping us see what was previously unseen. Unlimited possibilities await.

We’re building off of over one hundred years of cutting edge research, working closely with our community and in collaboration with private and public partners and scientists to get functional tools into the hands of people everywhere. We’re starting with a focus on stress reduction.

Recent breakthroughs in the fields of neuroscience and physiology have unlocked the mind/body connection. By applying sensing technology, we aim to empower humanity to take their health into their own hands.

We’re building tools to benefit the lives of billions and to create the conditions to help end suffering... and we need your help.
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