2016 Wins and Vision for 2017

2016 was a terrific year for us at Sensie. Our body sensing technology made significant improvements in terms of accuracy and usability - we have learned a ton! As a result in the new year we will see our first consumer ready product - stay tuned for that :)

We’re happy to announce that our recent study, applying Sensie to test for food sensitivities is almost complete. The majority of the blood samples have been received by the lab - once the lab results are received, we will have an anonymized report out to share our findings! Fingers crossed.

2016 key highlights:

  • Average accuracy score = 72% - about a 10 point jump from the beginning of the year
  • We developed a fundamental understanding of “truth” see here
  • We changed language from “true/false” to “balance/imbalance” (big implications)
  • We developed relationships with top neuroscientists to better understand the physiology of what Sensie is detecting

Goals for 2017:

  • Build a tool that helps create the conditions to end suffering
  • Develop and market our first consumer ready product
  • Solve difficult human level problems (i.e. determining ovulation, food sensitivity tracking, etc.)
  • Assemble a world class team of scientists to further the science and understanding of the body
  • Fundraise!

Short and sweet. We hope 2017 will be filled with love, joy and peace for you and yours.

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Love to all

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