A Breakthrough: We Can Detect Stress

About a year and half ago here at Sensie, we developed technology that can detect the body's response to stress. From the moment we identified the signal, we began exploring applications... Could we detect for food allergies? Determine ovulation? Find out if mindfulness or positive psychology are good for you? and so on... And in the process we had some major wins and some minor losses.

But all along we overlooked the most amazing fact of all, that we could actually detect if stress itself was present, simply using the common sensors on a smartphone!! :)

Stress is a massive problem we all face. A quick snapshot of how large it is:

  • Stress is the basic cause of 60% of all human illness and disease
  • Chronic stress has been proven to lead to depression AND depression is the #1 leading cause of disability, affecting over 350 million people worldwide
  • 3 out of 4 doctors visits are for stress related ailments

Our technology is able to:

  1. Detect if stress is present
  2. Detect the cause of your stress
  3. Guide you through applied mindfulness programming to help release the stress and live in peace

If you are looking for a fun, effective, evidenced based approach to reduce or even better, remove stress from your life, then stay tuned. In the next couple of weeks, we will roll out our first product that detects stress, identifies the source of stress and removes it, helping to make peace a choice.

The kids down at a local high school in Miami got to test drive the stress reduction tool AND loved it!

A bowl of bananas

As always, thank you all for your support - we’re grateful to have an amazing community behind us!

Big hugs,

The Sensie Team

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