Can we detect food sensitivities with the common sensors on an iPhone?

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For context, research out of Israel demonstrates that patterns of neuromuscular responses elicited from a simple muscle test have shown a 90.5% correlation to standard food sensitivity screening measures such as a RAST.

WOW. This is groundbreaking research for us as Sensie detects the same neuromuscular signal as a manual muscle test. And to our delight we've run preliminary tests using Sensie and have found the results to be fairly remarkable!

To take this experiment to the next level we have partnered with Everlywell an at home health testing company. Each participant in the study will receive one Everlywell at home food sensitivity kit as well as access to Sensie's Food Sensitivity Testing environment.

By participating in this study you will:

  • contribute to building meaningful innovative technology
  • receive access to cutting edge technology both digital (Sensie) and physical (everlywell)
  • have the ability to test and retest for food Sensitivities any day or time by using the Sensie testing protocol
  • be showered in love from the Sensie team! ;)

Sign up here We will kick the study off late next week.

Look for more information coming in the following days.

Big hugs,

Mike Dannheim

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