Can we trust ourselves? How and when to listen to the body.

The results are in! Sensie was able to detect that 65% of the time our body informs us what is optimal for our wellbeing!

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The results below are primarily based on three of the Sensie's (triple whipping gesture) conducted during the Berkeley Wellbeing Institute study on mindfulness, the Sensie's that drove the results were:

Two Sensies taken prior to the mindfulness exercise:

  1. I am in balance
    (Sensie detected if you were: balanced or imbalanced prior to the activity)

  2. It is in my best interest to perform this exercise
    (Sensie detected if the exercise was optimal by detecting: balanced or imbalanced)

One Sensie taken after the mindfulness exercise:

  1. I am in balance
    (Sensie detected if the exercise improved your wellbeing by leaving you either: balanced or imbalanced)

Your body speaks!! Maybe it's time we listen? :)

Inspired by the study? We are too! So we're offering another one. Teaming up again with Berkeley Wellbeing Institute Dr. Tchiki Davis we are kicking off a study on the intuitive response of the body to a positive psychology routine such as practicing gratitude.

You don't need a doctor to tell you that being positive has a ton of benefits - you can tune into the experience of that right now!

But let's see what the body says. Is it possible that actively practicing positive thinking might take you out of balance at times?

Sign up and let's find out together!

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