Food Sensitivity Test - Unexpected

First and foremost a HUGE thank you to all of the wonderful Sensie community members who joined the study comparing Sensie technology to an IgG food allergy blood test. We’re incredibly grateful for your support!!

It is with a grateful (and still optimistic) heart that we regret to say that the results from the study did not yield what we had anticipated.

We were unable to detect a food sensitivity as compared to an IgG blood test in THIS study.

Here is a snapshot of the results:

alt 1. 55% accuracy detecting for no sensitivities
2. 45% accuracy detecting for sensitivities
3. results are < than chance. Can this be ascribed to the structure of the study?

As we can see the best part about our results is that they are sooo inaccurate compared to our previous studies that we are still very optimistic about Sensie technology and our ability to detect for food allergies..

Our hypothesis is that the following factors might have influenced the results of the study:

  1. Language
    * The wording of the protocol required interpretation. Intention was to match the language of the blood test but it left people confused on what they were saying - most likely negatively impacting the results of the study

  2. Length of study & semantics
    * #of questions - over 90 questions - accuracy decreased with time
    The name of the food item and what it meant was different across participants

  3. On boarding
    * An improved, more enjoyable on-boarding path to help with usability and consistency is required

  4. Food sensitivity space in itself is not well defined
    we will stick with allergies instead

Although we bombed this study, we feel confident that we can detect food allergies. We will run a new study incorporating key learnings such as:

  1. Testing against known allergens (instead of "sensitivities")
  2. Provoking the individual with the substance/food item (item is visible or in contact)<-- removes the semantic obstacle
  3. Reduce the length of the study
  4. Produce a solid on-boarding flow

We're just at the beginning of our food allergy efforts and we are grateful for your support in getting started!

Email me ( if you are interested in supporting our next food allergy research project! :)

Also. Stay tuned, within the next 30 days we will release our first consumer ready stress remover product - an app that applies Sensie to:

  1. Identify if stress is present
  2. Identify the cause of stress
  3. Guide the user through a specific meditation/mindfulness technique that will help remove their stress

This app will initially be free to all of the users on our email list.

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