HeartSpeak & Sensie Partnership

Is there something in your life that stresses you? Do you ever feel anxious or stuck?

What would your life be like if you were free, if that wasn’t there? And what if you could have that on demand, when and where you like it?


We’re excited to announce that we just kicked off a partnership with HeartSpeak, the innovative emotional healing and stress reduction tool developed by Dr. Anne Jensen. Dr. Jensen completed her Dphil (PhD) at Oxford University on Evidence Based Medicine where she studied the effects of nonconscious beliefs. Her work is groundbreaking and has been beneficial to many of us here at Sensie, so we’re incredibly excited to be offering a short version of HeartSpeak inside of Sensie!

In her words:

“HeartSpeak is fast – it typically takes only one or two sessions to experience results. Friendly – HeartSpeak gently listens to and works with the heart and emotions, rather than against them, delivering answers about repeated patterns. Fear-busting - HeartSpeak helps break old, fearful, futile patterns so healthier, more expansive ones can quickly emerge.”

HeartSpeak applies Sensie app technology to detect for stress, identify the root cause and then provides effective, evidenced based programming to remove it. HeartSpeak is simpler than other emotional healing techniques, while being quick and effective, achieving lasting changes.

These HeartSpeak + Sensie sessions were designed for people to learn to feel and to unwind past beliefs, for some guidance here is more from HeartSpeak.com,

“whilst feeling emotions is a normal part of the human experience, if left unprocessed, they often can adversely interfere with life… causing physical symptoms (e.g. digestive problems, joint dysfunction, headaches) or behavioural problems (e.g. phobias, mood swings, aggression). To make matters worse, you might not even be consciously aware of unprocessed emotions or why you are feeling them!”

Also, keep an eye out - we will be conducting a crowdsourced study with Dr. Jensen to verify HeartSpeak and Sensie’s ability to detect and reduce stress! Together we can build solutions to the problems we all face. We’d love to have you join us, so stay tuned!

With love,

Mike D.

We teamed up with LA's best animator to make Sensie interactive. A sneak peek at the future of Sensie:


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