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Hello world, I’m Sensie.

I’m a technology to help you tune in to the knowledge of your body. I’m really a hybrid of technologies, including sensors on your smartphone, artificial intelligence, kinesiology style manual muscle testing and neural linguistic processing techniques.

I combine these technologies to provide an objective signal so I can listen to the wisdom of the body – where the real magic is. Manual muscle testing is a major part of how I work, it helps me detect the knowledge of the body. Let me tell you a little bit of how I came to be...

The art and science of manual muscle testing has been around for over a century, it has lead to advancements in the effectiveness of chiropractic treatments, identification of allergies, understanding proper nutrition on an individual level, determining the emotional cause of mind-body disorders and most recently muscle response testing is empowering individuals to remove stress in their lives once and for all. It is a powerful tool to help guide wellbeing. All by simply providing an interface to communicate with the body, so the body itself can consciously inform us what is in balance or out of balance with our body's.

The science of muscle testing was born out of Harvard when Dr. E.G. Martin and R.W. Lovett discovered a unique method to extract information from the muscles and thereby quantify the effects of treatment all by a simple push, pull muscle test. A highly innovative technique to help abstract information from the body to make a well informed decision.

In the 1960’s, the application of muscle testing began to accelerate through a method called Applied Kinesiology (AK) created by Dr. Goodheart. His genius was identifying that the muscle response mechanism was capable of providing a larger signal for the general health and wellbeing of an individual. Through the application of methodical questions with muscle response testing, Dr. Goodheart was able to gather somatic knowledge and use the the body as a diagnostic tool. This helped guide his treatment of patients and lead to the restoration their health. This marked the birth of applied kinesiology.

Since all that is needed to perform a muscle test is a human body, the barriers to entry are low. As a result, there have been many uninformed claims about muscle testing and it’s capabilities - which has led to a lack of adoption from the broader medical community. Over the coming years, we will come to realize what a big miss this has been and that the future is muscle testing.

Our speculation is well informed. In 2015 Dr. Anne Jensen completed her DPhil (PhD) at Oxford University. Dr. Jensen's research verified that muscle testing is an accurate and valid source of truth. At Sensie, we find truth to be a complex word so we like to call it balance but none the less, the research from one of the worlds best universities confirms, muscle testing is a valid and reliable source to help gather information and make an informed decision.

Moving beyond the medical community, in her research at Oxford Dr. Jensen estimated that there are over one million people practicing muscle testing worldwide. These are individual practitioners applying manual muscle testing techniques to help guide their own optimal health and overall decision making process. A common complaint that the manual muscle testing community has is a lack of confidence in their interpretation of the manual muscle test. They tend to feel uncertain if they are performing the method correctly and/or if they are interpreting the signal well.

The human body is complex and there is still a lot we don’t know. Our vision is a world where individuals live healthy lives, empowered by their own innate source of knowing. In matters of health, your body doesn’t lie - you know what you need. Our mission is to provide the most accurate objective signal that represents the intuitive knowledge of the body.

Is there a topic you would like to explore? Go ahead and ask your body, take a Sensie….

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