Practicing Emotions

Sensie helps you learn your emotions, identify stress and reduce it.

Mike here from the Sensie team. When I was younger, I struggled badly with depression and anxiety. In fact it almost took my life.

The last 13yrs have been an exploration of techniques for optimal emotional wellbeing.

Alongside meditation, learning how to regulate my emotional state has been very beneficial. For me, the term “emotional regulation” conjures the idea of Metamucil and funny enough, in a way it is similar.

Being stuck in an emotion is like being constipated and science shows that emotional regulation, specifically the skill of being emotionally flexible, might be a key to emotional well-being - and according to Dr Beilock from the University of Chicago Human Performance Lab, it may also be a potential solution to help solve for depression and anxiety.

To quote Dr. Beilock

“...depression is thought to involve an inflexible ruminative engagement with high-intensity negative emotional information and anxiety is thought to involve an inflexible avoidant disengagement (distraction) from low-intensity negative information, the current findings suggest that flexibility may be one key to emotional well-being.”

To help us learn how to regulate our emotions and become emotionally flexibile we built the interactive Sensie blob:


Cute little blob, right?

Wait. I can affect the blobs emotions with my emotional state!?

Yup. :) Here's how that works:

Sensie blob applies our stress detection technology to provide feedback and help see if you're in or out of a stressed state. Some of your emotions carry stress and when you're stressed you move differently then when you're not stressed. Sensie can pick up on these subtle movements and provide a tool to help you learn your emotions and reduce stress when you need to.

So let’s see how intuitive you are!

Can you change the blob’s state with your own emotions. Give it a go! Download the new app here


We’re proud to announce that we have joined forces with the fourth largest University in the USA; Florida International University.

We’re looking forward to working with a great partner that will help us bring Sensie into the world in a way that is beneficial to the people who need it most!

Thanks for staying tuned!

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