Sensie featured at the Woodenfish Buddhism, and Future Brain Science Conference in China!


This summer I had the honor of presenting Sensie at one of the most prestigious conferences on mental health in the world, the Woodenfish Buddhism, Science, and Future Brain Science Conference in Shenzen, China. The conference’s mission is to cultivate the link between mindfulness and technology and make the discourse of mental health more accessible.

The organizers of the event had seen me speak at the Awakened Future Summit at UC San Francisco in the spring and heard about our innovative approach to bringing awareness to the body, so they invited to fly me out to China to share my work with their audience. Of course, I was thrilled to accept the invitation!

The theme of this year’s conference was “Brain Science and Mental Well-Being” and Woodenfish invited entrepreneurs, scholars, and Buddhist practitioners from around the world to discuss how Buddhism and technology can work together to advance global mental well-being. I was humbled by the amount of wisdom and insight that the other presenters brought to the conversation and was elated to share how Sensie brings together technology and mental well-being.

The act of bringing measurement to feelings is known in Buddhism as “Vedanā,” which roughly translates as “feelings” or sensations. Vedanā is traditionally one of the objects of focus within the four foundations of mindfulness practice.

Buddhist wisdom has said for generations that blockages in the body prevent people from the direct experience of bliss in the present moment and that becoming aware of these blockages and releasing them creates access to enlightened states of awareness.


During my presentation, I highlighted how Sensie helps users measure Vedanā and blockages in their body and how the muscles and intuition of the body respond to trauma. I also shared an emerging theory on “muscle settings of psychological time,” which relates directly to the Buddhist teachings.

I presented to the audience about how through Sensie’s technology we are able to detect blockages in the body to make the user aware of stress that is present and provide steps to clear these blockages and facilitate a transition to joy in the present moment.

I shared data outcomes from our research with Sensie and shared information on Heartspeak, an emotional release technique that empowers people to release blockages in the body to heighten awareness and heal.

The conference further opened my eyes to the amazing body of work that experts around the world are currently conducting to advance mental well-being through leveraging technology. The ideas and information that was shared by presenters and participants was incredible. I met and shared meals with some of the best thinkers in the world on this topic and could not be more grateful for the experience. I am proud to have contributed in some way to this discussion and to the work on this incredibly important topic and look forward to the next event to share Sensie with the world.


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