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Imagine being so deeply connected to your feelings that you maintained a healthy, vibrant, and joyful life regardless of external circumstances.

Imagine being so connected to your heart that anytime something felt “off" you could look within and feel your wisdom - on your own.

Imagine being so connected as a team that if one person wasn’t feeling well you could heal, together, as a group in less than 3mins.

Imagine being so deeply connected and invested in nourishing our feelings and each other we unlocked human flourishing - together.

Welcome to the Sensie Wellness Club. We help remote teams measure and share how they feel - safely. Check it out:


It's like a world-class coach but better.

Because how you feel affects how you perform so taking the time to nourish your team might be the best investment we can make.

Joining the Sensie Wellness Club you get:

  • Worlds first smartphone stress/flow detection mobile app
  • Cloud-based data analytic dashboard to support the connection of your remote team
  • Cloud-based data analytic dashboard to track your individual progress
  • The most effective science-based techniques to clear fear, reduce stress and maximize resiliency from world-renowned resiliency experts
  • Weekly resiliency techniques to help your team thrive


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