Stress/Emotion Detection - How does Sensie work?

How can Sensie help you reduce stress and learn your emotions?

Take a moment to consider all of the places in your life where feedback helps you learn and grow. In the classroom you submit your work and the teacher critiques it. At work, you present a new idea and your colleagues give their insights. Both are forms of feedback. Imagine learning to play a musical instrument and not being able to hear the music. Feedback is what helps us accelerate our learnings, grow and develop.

Learning your emotions is no different. Your feelings and emotions are your biological feedback loop to help guide and alert you to what needs your attention. Learning to distinguish the subtle feelings of your emotions and stress used to take years of meditation and practice... until now.

By tracking your movement with sensors on a smartphone, Sensie can detect micro-movements that represent your body's subtle signal of stress. Sensie provides real-time feedback to help you distinguish what the emotions feel like so you can learn to listen to them and remove stress.

We use the data from the gyroscope and accelerometer for our stress detection signal. By measuring the smoothness of the data, we can detect stress. Here is what that looks like:


So how does Sensie do it?

First: You learn the gesture. The gesture Sensie uses to calibrate is a triple whip gesture, it looks like the image bellow. Three whips of the phone is all it takes, don’t worry if you do too many or not enough whips, Sensie keeps track and will let you know.


Next step: Calibration. The quality of your sessions depend largely on the quality of your calibration, as calibration is where Sensie learns what you look like in a positive vs. negative state. During your calibration, really take the time to follow the prompts and evoke the feelings that Sensie is asking for.


Sandbox: Before launching into a full session with Sensie - we head into the sandbox, this is where Sensie can help us learn how to elicit negative vs. positive emotions and distinguish between what they feel like. A fun fact: your brain is the only (known) organ that also behaves like a muscle. What this means is that you can strengthen it and learn to cultivate states that you want to experience - keep in mind, like any other muscle the more you train it the easier it will become. Hop in the sandbox and let’s give it a try!

Here is a sneak peak of what Sensie does while waiting for you to join the sandbox fun... ;)


I’ve completed the sandbox - now what?

We have a partner network of institutions, doctors and thought leaders who apply stress detection technology to help people identify the root cause of their stress. Each partner has a different program for a specific purpose but they’re all focused on helping to empower you to find optimal emotional wellbeing.

We currently offer a limited time complimentary access to a cutting edge protocol from Dr. Anne Jensen. Dr. Jensen completed her PhD on Nonconscious beliefs at Oxford University. Her work, alongside others, has established that what appears to cause us stress on the surface is just a symptom, the root of the problem is in the unconscious. By applying Sensie her program helps identify the root cause of stress and reduce it in real time.

Enjoy! :)

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