The human body is an ongoing expression of its well-being or it’s lack of. This can be seen in everything, from how you move to how you speak, people around you normally pick up on it, while you may be unaware yourself. Sensie, with the use of your phone and the sensors will pick up on the overall harmony or disharmony of your movements and provide a signal.



Sensie takes a snapshot of what your positive and negative states are.



You say outloud whatever you are testing for. Example: “I am sufficiently hydrated”.



You perform a tripple whip gesture that provides your body’s intuitive response.

Fascinating, buuut how?!

It’s all in the fluidity of your movement!

Research has shown that when you are in a state balance your muscles go strong and your movement is more fluid. Conversely, when you are out of balance your muscles go weak and your movement is less fluid.

By using the sensors on your iPhone we measure your movement and help provide a signal to let you know when you are in balance or out of balance with what ever it is that you might like to test for.